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Face & Body Butter – Olive and Neroli – organic

Enjoy the one and only – most seductive and most olive – organic body butter from Portugal – softly melting, intensively caring and with a touch of neroli. 
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100 % natural product 
99.58 % certified organic ingredients* 
100 % vegan
100 % made in Portugal

  • for the face and the entire body
  • highly effective for particularly dry skin, e.g. lips, décolleté, elbows and shins
  • also cares for highly stressed skin areas such as nose, hands and feet
  • suitable for all skin types, the whole family and daily use
  • pH-neutral, without sun protection factor, very skin-friendly

This organic body butter combines the unique benefits of the multi-talent shea nut with the superpowers of the Portuguese olive. In addition, it pampers your skin with a light touch of neroli oil and the uniquely delicate scent of orange blossom. Extremely rich, pure and productive, this butter provides your skin with valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients – moisturises and gives you a delicate irresistible glow:

  • pure organic shea butter* – the ultimate grand master of skin care – makes your skin soft and smooth
  • finest organic olive oil* – from the heart of the Alentejo – helps your skin stay young and healthy
  • delicate neroli oil – extracted from the distillate of orange blossom – soothes and relaxes

Our mission: the best organic skincare for you – made in Portugal.

Skin type: sensitive skin, dry skin, stressed combination skin, normal skin, mature skin, young skin, impure skin
Area: face, décolleté, hands, feet, arms, legs, body
Texture: buttery, delicately melting
Fragrance: a light note of delicate orange blossom (neroli) and a touch of fruity olive
Application: melt with circular movements between fingertips or palms, or apply directly to the skin
Storage: at room temperature, avoid exposure to sunlight and heat

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For full transparency and further insight into our product, all active ingredients are listed below with their clear names and scientific name as well as their main function in the product.

Shea Butter* – Butyrospermum Parkii Butter: extracted from the seeds of the shea fruit and known for centuries for its superpowers; our organic shea butter is very similar to the natural fat of human skin; nourishes, protects and penetrates deeply; moisturises your skin, makes it smooth and provides valuable vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients; Allantoin has an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and regenerating effect; vitamin E helps to transport harmful substances out of the body and to slow down ageing processes of the cells; beta carotene, as a secondary plant substance, is converted by the body into provitamin A, reduces free radicals as an antioxidant, helps with cell renewal, protects against ageing and sun-induced DNA damage; as an omega-3 fatty acid, linolenic acid regulates hormone levels and helps to reduce inflammation; as a plant-based omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid soothes the skin and improves moisture balance; palmitic acid has a regenerative effect and moisturises the skin; shea butter strengthens the protective function and barrier layer of the skin; soothes and relieves itching; improves skin elasticity; helps reduce fine lines and age spots; supports your skin's self-regulating function; does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe well; boosts the skin's natural collagen production; can help soothe skin irritations, rashes, insect bites and sunburns; absorbs well; gives you a silky glow; highly purified and deodorised; neutral scent; whitish colour; certified organic

Olive oil* – Olea Europaea Fruit Oil: our organic extra virgin olive oil comes from a small-scale local private farm in the heart of the Alentejo; through gentle processing, the superpowers of the olive go into our butter: high content of simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids; vitamins A and E; minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and trace elements such as iron; prevents ageing processes; helps the skin to regenerate; moisturises; makes the skin feel velvety soft; delicately fruity olive scent; greenish colour; certified organic

Neroli oil – Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Oil: Obtained from steam distillation of the blossoms of the bitter orange tree; refined with further essential oils of citrus fruits and extracts of citrus oil derivatives; soothes, relaxes, refreshes, refines pores and improves the skin's appearance; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory; delicate floral scent of orange blossom; clear

Below you find the list according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). This is particularly helpful for people with allergies and hypersensitivity, as all ingredients are additionally broken down according to potential allergens.

Ingredients (INCI): Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Oil, Parfum, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Citral

(Base price: 20,00 EUR / 100 ml)

Shelf life and storage
Our organic body butter is a fresh natural product. Medical amber glass protects the valuable ingredients. The minimum shelf life is indicated on the bottom of the jars and applies to storage at approx. 25 degrees. Depending on the date of manufacture, it is generally at least 6 months - usually even more.  The cream will last longer if you protect it from heat and light - e.g. in the bathroom cabinet, in the bedside cabinet or in the refrigerator. Close the lid after each use. If necessary, you can use a spatula or the handle of a small spoon to dispense the butter very hygienically. This way, your body butter will retain its outstanding quality and intensively pamper your skin long after the best-before date.

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Does body butter have a sun protection effect? 
No, this organic body butter comes without sun protection. It contains only shea butter, olive oil and neroli oil. It intensively cares for the skin, promotes regeneration, protects against dehydration and provides the skin with valuable ingredients – however, this body butter does not offer sun protection. Please always protect yourself and your skin from excessive sun exposure – for example, by using special UV-protective lotions or clothing. We hope to be able to offer you natural sun protection products from our company soon.

Is the shea butter deodorised? 
Yes, because many people find the smell of non-deodorised shea butter too intense for facial care. The organic shea butter we use is particularly pure, mild and almost odourless. The delicate and seductive scent of our face and body butter comes from the noble composition of olive and neroli oil.

Can I also use the body butter on neurodermatitis, pathologically dry skin, wounds and minor burns?
Please always consult a doctor first in case of skin diseases, skin injuries and uncertainties. We and many users are convinced and enthusiastic about the positive effect of our organic body butter. All ingredients are strictly tested, certified and approved for skin care. Nevertheless, the cream is not a medical product. You can test the compatibility and effect with very small amounts and on healthy skin areas.

Is the butter also suitable for the skin of young and older people?
Yes, our face and body butters are suitable for the whole family. Especially because we completely avoid petroleum products, paraffins, parabens, silicones, polyethylene glycol (PEG), microplastics, dyes and other harmful additives. We only use natural active ingredients - most of them even in organic quality. They provide intensive care for young and elderly skin alike and allow it to breathe. That is why the butter is also particularly popular for very sensitive, dry and stressed skin. 

Is the butter also suitable for hypersensitivity and allergy sufferers?
If in doubt, please talk to a doctor and check our INCI list. All potential allergens are listed there. We have developed the butter especially for sensitive skin and use only natural ingredients - most of them even in organic quality. We completely avoid petroleum products, paraffins, parabens, silicones, polyethylene glycol (PEG), microplastics, dyes and other harmful additives. This is what makes our cream so highly effective and at the same time extremely compatible. We are not aware of any allergic reactions so far. However, we cannot completely rule them out.

For which skin areas can I use the butter?
The butter is ideally suited for the face and the entire body. Because it provides lasting moisture and is easily absorbed, it is also very popular for all dry, sensitive and particularly stressed body parts - such as lips, nose, décolleté, hands, feet, arms, elbows, legs and shins. The butter is very economical. Therefore, it is best to start with small amounts and test how much care and moisture your skin needs.

When is the best time to use?
You can use the butter as needed and at any time – depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Many use the butter in the morning – as a fresh start and protection for the whole day. Others use it as needed when skin feels dry or tight. Still others use the butter as intensive care after long days – whether in the office, the city or at the beach. Just listen to your feeling. This butter is there for you – whenever you need it.

Is the face and body butter vegan?
Yes. It is a natural product and 100% vegan. The proportion of certified organic ingredients is 99.58 %.

Does our butter make you beautiful?
You are beautiful as you are! ❤ The butter will enhance your well-being with its outstanding natural ingredients, fine texture and delicate fragrance. You'll instantly feel like you're on a short Portuguese holiday. Your skin will be refreshed, just like jumping into the cool, wild Atlantic Ocean. Well-being makes you happy, whoever is happy shines bright and whoever shines bright is beautiful. Shine bright like a diamond!

Does the butter have a rejuvenating effect?
You are as young as you feel. Less than the calendar age, the biological age and thus care and mindfulness are key. This is especially true for our skin. We know 80-year-old people who look younger and fresher than some 20-year-olds, both in spirit and in the appearance of their skin. Our face and body butter contain a composition of the most powerful and effective natural substances for rich and intensive skin care and can make a corresponding contribution – to the appearance of the skin and to the mindset. Our goal: the best organic skincare for you – made in Portugal.

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