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The love of the beloved

I am Stan, co-founder of nuvem nove. My mum is the most loving and best in the world – of course! Long before I existed, she had very dry, demanding skin and at the same time a strong intolerance to almost all kinds of artificial additives – with corresponding allergic reactions. Therefore, she tried to switch to products that consisted of only one substance. Milking grease, Vaseline and co. were out of the question because they are based on petroleum, close the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe. Pure natural oils and vegetable fats remained, but even these do not offer an optimal solution because they do not provide the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients, cannot be applied easily or are not absorbed well.
The World Wide Web had not yet been invented in the 1980s. But finally, even without the internet, my dad found a lady healer who could make a rich cream for my mum using a traditional natural recipe without artificial additives. This was the desired, top-compatible and intensively caring solution. A short time later, however, the healer moved to Asia. As she could not say whether she would ever return, she handed over the recipe to my dad and showed him how to make the cream for my mum himself – which he has done for over 40 years since then. That must be love!

The love of Portugal

atlantic ocean

My friend Kati followed the call of her heart and moved to the south-west Algarve many years ago – a dreamlike region characterised by lots of sun, untouched nature and the untamed forces of the Atlantic Ocean. There, together with partners, she offers diving, snorkelling, kayaking and surfing courses. At the same time, she manages a large piece of land with her family and rents out holiday flats.
Everyday life is characterised by work in the sea and under the sun with farming, tree care, fence construction, maintenance, housework and taking care of horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens and co. Both the daily contact with salt water for several hours and the work under burning heat on land put a lot of strain on the skin and dry it out. Intensive care is needed. One day I brought my parents' cream with me. It proved to be extremely effective and a true miracle cure. That was the starting point for us to take a closer look at the composition of the cream.

The love of nature

nature at its best

We were thrilled by the 100 percent natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances, no microplastics, no parabens, no petroleum, no nanoparticles – all 100 percent natural. The best that nature has to offer for the skin.
At the same time, we found that almost all of the ingredients thrive excellently under the sun and climatic conditions of Portugal. We love Portugal's nature and we love natural products. The idea of a 100 percent natural, intensively nourishing moisturising cream made in Portugal was born.

The love of what we do

We began to refine the formula of the cream, brought professionals on board and perfected the final composition and production with alternative practitioners, cosmetic institutes, dermatologists and specialists in chemistry and pharmacy. In parallel, we searched for suitable producers and suppliers in order to obtain the best raw materials for the final formulation of the cream. Extensive laboratory tests followed, as well as approval and certification by EU official authorities.
The quality of the product has top priority. At the same time, we wanted to produce as ecologically, locally, fairly and sustainably as possible. The beginning was made. We are proud and thankful that we have received so much encouragement and that our first cream, the Orange Blossom Moisturising Cream, is already loved by so many people.