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We believe in the power of nature.
We believe that the unique nature of each country and region provides unique natural substances for perfect skin and body care.

The Portuguese sun and the Atlantic Ocean create a very special climate under which very special plants thrive. Among the best-known natural treasures are aloe vera and cistus, oranges and olives, almonds and medronho, as well as grapes and eucalyptus. In addition, there are countless lesser-known plants, powerful medicinal botanicals and mysterious herbs that have prospered here for generations. 

For our cosmetics and care products, we blend natural ingredients very gently, to preserve the concentrated power of nature and bring it to full effect for you in our products.

We believe that excellent skin and body care is not only about excellent natural ingredients, but also about how it feels, touches and smells. Our care and beauty products should therefore always feel extra good to you and pamper you with a unique stunning fragrance.

And finally, we believe that neither two people are alike nor two skins are alike. Everyone should therefore find the skin and body care that gives them the best health and well-being. With nuvem nove, we deliver high quality, unique natural products. Our goal: the best organic skincare for you – made in Portugal.

Enjoy the pure power of Portugal!
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