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In winter she is the queen.

What do a young Arab caliph, a beautiful Swedish princess and the richest moisturiser from Portugal have in common? They can not exist without the magical power of almonds.

Every January and February, the Algarve is the scene of a very special natural spectacle. Then the magnificent white almond blossom covers the Algarve with a white veil and casts its magical spell over people from all over the world. The white blossoms are called the "snow of the Algarve" and make the almond the undisputed queen for a few weeks in the otherwise so diverse Algarve sea of blossoms.

According to legend, we owe the white splendour to a love story from the 12th century, when the Algarve (Al-Gharb) still belonged to the Moors. The young Arab caliph Emir Ibn Almundim fell in love with the beautiful Swedish princess Gilda, the youngest daughter of a powerful ruler of the northern peoples.

The two married and lived happily together. But in winter, year after year, the beautiful Gilda was overcome by a mysterious sadness and deep melancholy. Even the worried caliph could no longer coax a smile from his beloved Gilda. He sought advice from all over the world and left no stone unturned to cheer up the mind of his great love.

When all hope seemed lost, a Celtic druid gave the decisive clue: the princess missed the snow-covered fields of her Swedish homeland in winter. The caliph then consulted his scholars and had thousands of almond trees planted around his palace grounds. The following winter, the white almond blossom created a fantastic winter landscape. The white of the almond blossom covered the entire region and the falling petals floated through the air like white snowflakes. The beautiful princess was overjoyed and so was the caliph.
But this is not the end of this love story. The vitamin-rich oil of almond kernels has been known for its superpowers for thousands of years. It is therefore also used in our skin cream. It is one of the pure natural substances that makes our moisturiser the richest organic moisturiser from Portugal. Second to none in its nourishing and soothing properties. Your skin will love it like the Caliph loved his beautiful princess and like the princess loved the "snow of the Algarve". Happy End.