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Skincare for water sports athletes.

Whether diving or snorkelling, surfing or sailing, beginner or professional - water sports lovers need high-quality and intensive skin care. No wonder, since they are exposed to the raw elements in a special form and for many hours a day. 

We love nature, the waves and the sea.

At the same time, the loads of stormy winds and salt water as well as sun and sand are very high and demanding. This is especially true here in Portugal.

Here, where the biggest waves in the world crash against the beach of Nazaré. Here, where at the most western point of Europe, the cool, salty Atlantic Ocean meets the unspoiled and wild coastline with no brakes. Here, where the ocean spray carries the salty air far inland.

Cliffs as high as skyscrapers, reefs as sharp as razor blades and waves as powerful as bulldozers.

Only the best, fittest and most experienced athletes can successfully take on the battle with these unimaginable forces of nature.

And what about one' s skin? Unfortunately, skin cannot be trained like muscles or surfing skills. That makes the best protection and perfect care all the way more important. Sunblock and wetsuits are of course necessary as a second skin for protection. But anyone who has ever peeled out of a wetsuit or rubbed the sunblock off their face in the evening knows that although it is essential protection, it is no pleasure for the skin. Often, the skin feels extremely dry, chapped and tensed. In addition, it is not uncommon for small cracks, inflammatory redness, itchy skin areas and micro injuries to occur.

We have therefore developed our two core products for the perfect care and self-protection of the skin of water sports enthusiasts: firstly, the richest organic moisturiser in Portugal and secondly, the most seductive organic body butter in Portugal. Both provide the skin with the best natural ingredients Portugal has to offer.

Discover, for example, the effects of organic olive oil from the heart of the Alentejo in our unique face and body butter.

Or which exclusively natural ingredients make our organic moisturiser so incomparably rich.

The sea gives. The sea takes. Experience and enjoy the #purepowerofportugal. But beware, both Portugal's unique nature and our skincare products are addictive. An addiction that's good for you. What are your experiences?